FEB 2K14

Hi again everybody. Thanks for the feedback and support, I really appreciate that.

The Conga (Original Mix) and Party Telephone (Original Mix), my new two tracks released on JANUARY are getting more plays day by day. I love you guys, really. Every single comment or constructive critic will be accepted and taken in consideration. I will try to reply as fast as I can.

– All I can say about me and what I have done in this previous days is that I stopped studio work for 1 week to enjoy my holidays, being in the studio for a long-time period can make you deef (TOO MUCH COMPRESSION M8). But I’m happily now working again on a new track which I think I am going to name: Chinesse Basstard (Original Mix). This song comes from my deepest feeling for the underground Techno, which is a genre I really appreciate. I love how well worked is a track and the time you have to spend working instrument by instrument it is such a hard work which must be well rated. I’ll be posting a demo of the track when it’s finished and mastered. I put myself a deadline which is 20th of February, but just don’t believe my words (or yes). I will be writing back soon about the track when it’s done. For now I must say it’s 30%-40% finished, so if you like Techno stay tuned.

– On the other hand I’m working on a track which does not have any name for the moment but I think it is also a good project to work on it. This one I would tag it as Tech-House, but I am so against the genre tags, because I just think about a track, a melody on my head, a lead, whatever it is, and I try to get the idea into the reality, creating music through my head from 0, not copying existing genres. For example, I like to name the sound of this track “bongo hits” or maybe whatever “bang bong bing plang prung plash plas”, and that will be the new track by Paul Yorck. Stay tuned.

– In this post, featuring my newest instrumental, this is what happens when you mix electro wobbling with hip-hop rap genre. Everybody who knows to rap, can rap on it, I am so sure, and in my opinion, depending on the style, could sound very good and actual. Enjoy!

You can downloaded it free by clicking on Free Download, and following the instructions!

Thanks for reading. Have a nice week!

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2 thoughts on “FEB 2K14

  1. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    As you know I consider music to be a food group – all will activate certain areas of the brain and we all have specific music that calms, stimulates or inspires us. The drum was the first musical instrument our ancestors are likely to have played and heard and since then we have perfected and invented new ways to produce sounds that please. Every generation has what they call ‘their song’ for me it is rock and roll and country from the 60’s onwards – but I find myself enjoying today’s music as much and whilst I might resist twerking for the sake of those watching, I will embrace and follow those that create this amazing gift.

    • Paul Yorck says:

      Hey, thanks for your reblog and comment. I agree. I think I might also enjoy today’s music, but It only was a constructive critic for the people, and also for any producer who wants to try to be like the others by ghost producing, or he’s tired and he has won a lot of money, and then he gets lazy on producing, as lazy as contracting a ghost producer. I think that’s shitty, and also the fans of this artists are LIED and they idolize someone who didn’t nothing but being there. I also would like to say that they might have a very good career and maybe they were good producing, but doing this as and artist it’s the worst thing you can do.

      PD: The best kicks, drums, snares, hats, bass… will be found recording a REAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT since it’s the best sound you’ll ever get and in direct concerts always the best, then is when you enjoy the music but not those over-compressed tracks which look so monothone.

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